Where to watch Seahawk games in San Antonio

Are you a seahawks fan looking for your tribe? Its awesome when you can find a group of people who are also from Washington, or have a love of the team!  Although you are here in Texas, this group will make you feel like you are back home. We hold watch parties at Dave & Busters on Crossroads here in town.  Check out our watch party schedule on our events page. We welcome all Seahawk fans, and kids are welcome too. You bleed blue and green? Well lucky you….so do we!!!
See below for how to join our fan club!

Seahawk group at Dave and Busters

San Antonio Seahawk fans at Dave & Busters

Sea Hawkers Booster Club

  • WHY are San Antonio Sea Hawkers are the best fans in TEXAS???
  • Well first off, we have this awesome club you can join. 
  • Your membership includes a collectible poker chip, bracelet, and membership card. You also get to be included in our private face book group too!
    Your poker chip gets you entered in member- only raffles during watch parties.
    Who doesn’t love Seahawk swag????
    We also raffle off a jersey at season end, just for members who came to watch parties….$100 value!
    All you have to do is show up to be entered in that jersey raffle?? Yup, you read that correctly 🙂
  • We host a members appreciation party too at season end.  We have a cake, a watch party, and LOTS of raffles that day!
  • Memberships are $16 for individuals and $26 for a family up to 5.
  • We can sign you up in person, you may pay here by clicking one of the buttons to the left, and we also accept Venmo and Cash App.
  • Our members volunteer for events in the community, and participate in donation drives which support our food bank, CPS, and Animal Care Services…..because we are awesome! We are the best fan club for Seahawk fans in San Antonio!

THE Largest watch group for SeahawK fans in San Antonio

All fans have an awesome time at our watch parties but on game day, Sea Hawker members who bring their poker chips are entered in special raffles for Seahawk swag and entered in a jersey raffle for the year-end drawing! Come and hang with us!  Grab a bite to eat, something to drink, and be loud and proud! SEA!! 

Seahawk fans on game day!

Seahawk fans in San Antonio Texas! HERE'S PROOF!

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