We are a non profit booster club chapter of the Seattle Sea hawkers!

Paul Allen loved making a difference  in the community…

That spirit of giving has trickled down to the Seahawk players as well, from Russell Wilson’s Why Not You Foundation, The Micheal Bennett Foundation which supports inner city youth, to Cliff Avril’s building homes in Haiti, there is a lot that our Seahawk players contribute to… The Sea Hawkers Booster Club was started in 1976, and the members have been volunteering and donating ever since. Chapters around the world donate to such causes as Breast Cancer Research, Wreaths For Fallen Soldiers, Adopt A Highway Programs, collecting items for the homeless shelters, food for the local food banks, just to name a few. Our Seahawk fans in San Antonio love to get involved in the community!  We are a non-profit organization and our donation community outreach focuses on San Antonio Food Bank, San Antonio Animal Care Services , Child Protective Services (CPS) and Haven Hope.  Our volunteer community outreach focuses on San Antonio River Walk Association, the holiday program Elf Louise and other opportunities through out the year.  A portion of your membership goes right  back into our club and our donations outreach for the community! 
 Our Community Outreach director is Dennis Lott.

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